Ideas & Todo

This page is under development.

List of ideas on what to do next.

  • Github removed tags linking api.
  • Update XSS testing tools: Netsparker community version and wapiti
  • Arachni <- someone installed it on 4 bits windows
  • Password hashing is not supported from Shiro.ini see "Configure Hash password for jdbc Realm" thread.
  • Check X509 vs PGP.

  • Shiro - Spring including Annotations

  • BitTorrent Guard,
  • EFS vs TrueCrypt.

Road to Apache Lucene with Hibernate:
  • JPA - DONE
  • Wicket
  • Lucene on JPA + Wicket.

  • Gamvas - JavaScript game engine tutorial
  • JPA entity classes validation aka Bean Validation (reference implementation is Hibernate Validator)
  • Wicket tutorial - including Eclipse plugin (validation)
  • Eclipse plugins tutorial
  • Eclipse plugins mini library
  • Look at CoffeScript.
  • Command line arguments parsing.
  • Gson parser.
  • Create convenience method refactoring eclipse plugin.

  • Go through ciphers and find maximum message lengths for standard Java ciphers.
  • Zero knowledge proof of knowledge.
  • Go through articles recommended, there are plenty of interesting topics.
  • Finish implementation of format preserving encryption.
  • How to protect against man in the middle attacks in protocols.
  • Kangaroo algorithm.
  • Python python; virtualenvwrapper 1 virtualenvwrapper 2
  • Yao's Millionaire problem

  • lucene, hibernate search, solr - learn at least basics.
  • Single sign on - OpenSSO (powerful, but complicated) or JOSSO (not so powerful, but easy to use)..
  • Atlassian Crowd.

Possible Projects:
  • A tool that finds all kinds of runtime exceptions a method can throw.
  • JPA validations for incorrect but compillable problems.
  • Javascript to automatically create table of contents for blogspot post.
  • 3D piskvorky (Three.js tutorial), nejako do toho pridat aj textury
  • PROJECT: Climbing routes in climbing gym.
  • PROJECT: Cube sections.
  • TreeView Javascript todo list (e.g. this page).
  • Box2D || Easel game in javascript or java or python
  • Strongly-typed=javascript

  • There is a game idea somewhere: